Dynamometer 300 kW

PT 170 and PT 170 SE

The EGGERS Dynamometer PT 170 impresses with its compactness. It also finds its place in workshops where space is limited. It is available as a mobile workshop version (PT 170E) as well as a trailer version (PT 170SE)

With a performance range of up to 300 kw for a rapid test and a 170 kw for a full load curve, the PT 170 Dynamometer covers a large range of tractors on the market today.

Eggers Dynamometer 300 kW PT 170 SE
Eggers Dynamometer 300 kW PT 170 E
The control unit is the hallmark of any Eggers Dynamometer

Dynamometer 600 kW

PT 301 MES, PT 301 MEM , PT 301 MEW, PT 301 K

The EGGERS Dynamometer PT 301 series is convincing thanks to its great versatility and a high braking performance. This Dynamometer is available in 4 different configurations. The PT 301 MEW is a workshop floor mounted model, PT 301 MEM is on a trolley able to be moved around the workshop, PT 301 MES is fitted to an uncovered single axle trailer and the PT 301 K is fitted to an enclosed tandem axle trailer with storage for all shafts required.

The four different model variants allow the customer to select the most suitable Dynamometer for their company. With its 600 kw for fast test and the 340 kw for full load curve, the PT 301 series covers nearly all the current tractors and harvesters available on the market.

Eggers Dynamometer 600kW PT301 MES
Dynamometer 600 kW PT 301 K weatherproof closed box trailer

Dynamometer 900 kW

PT 1000 K and PT 1000 W

The EGGERS Dynamometer PT 1000 series covers the complete range of all performance classes, both for tractors and harvesting machines. Whether in the stationary workshop version PT 1000 W or in the tandem enclosed trailer version PT 1000 K.

With a power of 900 KW for a quick test and a 510 KW full load curve, this Dyno is equipped with a torque measuring shaft built into the drive train to ensure the highest accuracies are achieved. 


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