Diesel Tune NZ are proud to partner with European market leaders in electronic trucking solutions and agricultural engine technology

Diesel Tune NZ are official NZ stockists for Can Logic products

It’s common to see trucks struggling to pull their loads or stuck on the side of the road in Limp Mode/De-Rated because of AdBlue/SCR related faults. Up until now the only solution for the operator was to call the mechanic and pay the call out fee to get the fault repaired so they can continue on their day.

Diesel Tune NZ has teamed up with CanLogic UK to provide efficient truck electronic solutions in the NZ market. Fitting one of these emulators to your truck gives you a fail safe system for when such faults occur. This keeps your truck at full power allowing you to finish the job and get to your dealer to repair the fault in your own time, when it is more convenient for you.

Diesel Tune NZ have partnered with German based company, DTE Systems. Although re-mapping is the most accurate and reliable form of providing performance and drivability upgrades to your vehicle it is not always an option. We get a huge number of enquiries regarding pre-common rail engines such as 1KZ-TE, 1HD-FTE, ZD30-TI, TD27-TI, RD28-TI  and many more. This has prompted us to find a solution to this problem and teaming up with another quality German company was the logical answer.  

We now extend our product range and services to provide you with the ultimate tuning technology for your vehicle.

DTE have developed a multi-map tuning technology which can optimise up to five different channels, all in real time. 

Diesel Tune NZ are dealers and importers of KL Maschinenbau equipment

KL-Maschinenbau, or KL Mechanical Engineering are the European leader in the development and manufacture of power test stands for agricultural machines and engines. They are specialist for the production and distribution of the internationally known EGGERS Dynamometer. Their products are used world wide by well known tractor manufacturers in final inspection, training, and development, and are now available to the NZ market through Diesel Tune NZ.

As well as EGGERS Dynos, Diesel Tune NZ also supply the FRONTEC Retarders, a front-PTO additional brake. This offers agricultural and forestry workers a solution to increase economic efficiency and safety when driving downhill.

The FRONTEC additional break serves to relieve braking systems and prevents the engine from turning over during a descent into the downhill terrain or overheating the breaks.


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