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"I love the power on open roads, when over-taking, and going up winding hills. 

My Ranger is a lot more fun to drive! I'll be recommending the service to friends."

Lance, Harris Construction


Ford Ranger Tuning

"Friendly, knowledgeable, extremely professional and thorough. Thank you for the fantastic service. 

Re-mapped my Astra VXR and gained amazing results. I now have much more power and better fuel efficiency. I highly recommend Diesel Tune NZ."

Rassie, Waikato

"Great service, good power gains and better fuel economy out of my Golf GTI. Did not expect so much. One happy customer!

I would highly recommend Diesel Tune NZ to anyone wanting more power out of their vehicle."

Andrew, Cambridge

VW Golf GTI with better fuel economy post remap
3L Toyota Hiace 4x4 tows 2.5 tonne off-road uphill without missing a beat

"Diesel Tune NZ deliver exactly what they say they will without any fuss or problem. Now my 3L Toyota Hiace 4x4 tows 2.5 tonne off-road uphill without missing a beat, their service is an excellent investment.

Just taken my first open road trip and easily gets 120km more on a tank of fuel."

Gavin, Bay of Plenty

"Improved performance is great,

Throttle response is awesome,

Overall extremely happy!"

Ben, Clive

“It’s amazing! So different to before, feels like driving a totally different truck. 

I’m so pleased with the outcome. Thanks to all involved.” 

Tony, Christchurch

"Amazing tune on my 'Rock'. It was quick before but this has taken things to a new level.

Makes towing our big tandem trailer a breeze, and the torque is just something else!"

Brad, Whangamata

VW Amarok with 43% more HP after remapping
New PX3 Ford Ranger with increased torque is much more responsive

“Best Ranger I’ve ever driven, gear shifting and torque curve is awesome. So much more responsive”

"Way more responsive, coming out of junctions turbo spools way quicker, love it.

Great job Diesel Tune NZ and Auto-Mobile Mechanics for carrying out the job. I just want even more power now, I'm hooked!!"

Stu, Auckland

3L Rangers tune up well with a 30% increase in power and 32% increase in torque

"The ute goes way better! Drove through to Picton on Saturday morning and gave it a good run, the fuel efficiency looks great after a session like that!"

Alister, Nelson

"Great door to door service, super friendly with great knowledge of the product. 

Our 3 litre Toyota Hilux 2015 goes like a bomb now, unbelievable towing power and instant response at the peddle compared to the doughy performance pre remap. Highly recommended."

Chris, Canterbury

3L Toyota Hilux with more towing power after remapping
Paul Wright, Top Soil and Sand, Horotiu, with his Volvo truck

"My truck has over 1 Million Kms and has been plagued with an ECU fault relating to the AdBlue/SCR system. I have been battling constant engine de-rating issues and have spent countless amounts of money with 2 other companies trying to sort the issue. 

I got in contact with Diesel Tune NZ through a friend of mine and they were keen to have a look and see if they could help. Diesel Tune NZ had the truck for a couple of hours and I haven’t had a single fault or de-rate since. I can recommend Diesel Tune NZ for all your AdBlue/SCR related faults."

Paul, Top Soil and Sand, Horotiu

"Just got the Hilux back from Craig at Diesel Tune NZ, can't get over the difference it’s made in the torque and HP, completely changed the vehicle. Craig went above and beyond in his way of service, couldn’t recommend enough to anyone with a vehicle that’s just in need of a wee bit more puff. Cheers mate she’s a weapon now"

Tom, Christchurch

Toyota Hilux tune to increase torque and horsepower
Dave's new Holden Colorado after receiving a custom ECU remap from Diesel Tune NZ

"Very happy with the job done by Diesel Tune on my new Holden Colorado. A very noticeable difference towing the boat up over the hill to Akaroa. And even uses a bit less fuel all round, definitely a win-win in my eyes."

Dave, Christchurch

"I recently had my Land Cruiser tuned by Craig from Diesel Tune. Service was fast and friendly, the end result is amazing. It has turned my Cruiser into an entirely different vehicle to drive and to tow with. The acceleration and torque is incredible. The best money I have spent for some time – thoroughly recommend Craig and DTNZ."

Pete, Blenheim

Toyota Land Cruiser with increased torque and towing capacity.
Another happy customer after we remapped his 2014 3L Hilux, these utes are an absolute dream to drive once remapped

"Thanks Diesel Tune NZ, I was amazed by the instant difference in power and torque. As soon as I pulled out the gate the vehicle response was incredible, can’t recommend these guys high enough."

Jade, Hamilton


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