Mercedes Euro 6 DTC Cleaner



Mercedes Euro 6 DTC Cleaner

The DTC Cleaner is a device which removes any inactive errors/fault from the vehicle. It works just like any diagnostics tool and must be connected to the OBD. When connected, it will scan for any vehicle components, directly connecting to their control units, clearing all of the errors that the components are showing.
The directions are very simple: turn on the ignition, connect the unit to the OBD port of your vehicle, wait 20 seconds and then restart the vehicle.
The DTC Cleaner can be helpful when the driver needs to erase faults on the go due to faulty vehicle components. It does not need any diagnostics knowledge to use as it simply plugs in and does the job for the driver.
For example, faults in the SCR system typically leave the driver with a capped vehicle (Limp mode) after a set amount of time (stuck on one gear with a maximum speed of 15-30 mph, sluggish with a heavy load).
Our DTC Cleaner can reset the Limp mode timer for the vehicle, which lets the driver finish his duties and also drive to servicing quick and easy. If you cannot afford an SCR repair immediately then it is also not an issue: you can use the DTC Cleaner as many times as you wish before finally committing to the repair of the SCR system.

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