Leo Active Sound Generator V8



  • Classic V8 Sound
  • Very deep wide sound
  • Comparable to US Muscle-cars
  • Ideal for SUV

This solution produces a realistic exhaust sound which can be installed on almost all vehicles without alterations to the original exhaust system.
Extend your vehicles character with the Leo sound generator and enjoy the ultimate exhaust soundtrack experience, that has yet to be matched.

How does it work?
The Panthera Leo consists of a Sound Generator, harnesses and control units. With this special Sound Composer, which taps all the corresponding data, such as load, speed and rpm, from the CAN-BUS, you gain a very sporty and well roared exhaust sound out of a nail ends diesel or a petrol engine. Volume and Sound can be individually adjusted by using the original vehicle buttons (e.g. cruise control, sport button). No additional switch is required.
The result is a completely realistic exhaust sound of a V8 or V10 engine.
Because of our knowledge in the production of motor control units, the Leo Sound Generator offers a much clearer, louder and more powerful sound compared to factory-made Sound Generator or other available products on the market.

SKU: 10017

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