TJM Outback Bull Bar T13 Black Steel 

The genuine TJM Outback bull bar range offers exceptional frontal protection for your Landcruiser. Our engineers have spent countless hours perfecting the design of these bars to ensure our customers are equipped with one of the finest products in the market. Full wrap cato straps and 63mm outer pipework provides added strength, damage deflection and headlight protection. This TJM Outback bull bar is 4x4 equipped with a steel winch-mount, combination lights, and reinforced T-slot recovery jack points. It's ready to work for you with dual aerial mounts and mounting points for installing large driving lights. Combining classic styling with premium features, TJM's Outback bull bar range offers uncompromised frontal protection for your 4x4. Take the Lead with TJM.

SKU: 070SB13L69G TAG: Toyota Landcruiser

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