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For agricultural and construction equipment, 4x4s/utes, trucks and heavy machinery

Nearly all vehicles on the road today are controlled via ECU’s (engine control units). These ECU’s provide manufacturers the ability to produce various stages of power from the same engine. By manufacturing less engines and being able to control the output with software, the production costs are much lower. 

By altering the software parameters in your ECU, Diesel Tune NZ are able to safely unlock the potential Torque and HP that already exist within the vehicle, making your passenger vehicles much more pleasurable to drive and your heavy machinery more productive and fuel efficient.

Whether it be fuel efficiency and increased towing capacity for your truck, or more power and torque for your farm vehicles, Diesel Tune NZ are able to offer a customised solution for your diesel engine requirements.

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AdBlue and SCR solutions for your truck

It’s common to see trucks struggling to pull their loads or stuck on the side of the road in Limp Mode/De-Rated because of AdBlue/SCR related faults. Up until now the only solution for the operator was to call the mechanic and pay the call out fee to get the fault repaired so they can continue on their day.

Diesel Tune NZ has teamed up with CanLogic UK to provide efficient truck electronic solutions. Fitting one of our emulators to your truck gives you a fail safe system for when such faults occur. This keeps your truck at full power allowing you to finish the job and get to your dealer to repair the fault in your own time, when it is more convenient for you.

reset your limp mode timer to continue your drive to servicing

Our emulators sit silently in your truck off line allowing correct operation of your AdBlue/SCR system until you get a fault and the truck de-rates. You then simply switch the unit on and it will emulate the correct operation of the system giving you full power back to continue on your day, saving you downtime and the frustration of missing deadlines.

Talking with people in the industry, especially stock truck drivers who travel to remote areas and pull some serious loads on very small unpassable shingle roads, we’ve heard the stories regarding AdBlue faults causing de-rates, leaving the vehicles in the middle of the road unable to pull up the hill. This is a huge safety issue for the drivers and other road users as well. A 50% de-rate can register a loaded truck dead in its tracks.
As the AdBlue/SCR system is an after treatment based system, there is no damage caused to your engine when the emulator is activated. 

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