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Nearly all vehicles on the road today are controlled via ECU’s (engine control units). These ECU’s provide manufacturers the ability to produce various stages of power from the same engine. By manufacturing less engines and being able to control the output with software, the production costs are much lower. By altering the software parameters in your ECU, Diesel Tune NZ are able to safely unlock the potential Torque and HP that already exist within the vehicle, making your passenger vehicles much more pleasurable to drive and your heavy machinery more productive and fuel efficient.

Toyota ECU Remapping
New Zealand Adblue Solutions


Keep getting stuck in limp mode?

Faults in EGR, DPF and Adblue systems can lead to degradation in your engine and will constantly put you into limp mode. Diesel Tune NZ can provide EGR diagnostics and advice on the best action for your vehicle. We can take preventative measures and also provide solutions to systems that have already failed and are in limp mode. Diesel Tune NZ also provides fast and simple solutions for those vehicles plagued with frustrating DPF faults and failures. Combined with a custom ECU remap our EGR, DPF and Adblue solutions will have your vehicle back at optimal power in no time.

New Zealand Truck Tuning

ag & Truck tunning

From Fleet to Farmhack

Whether it be fuel efficiency and increased towing capacity for your truck, or more power and torque for your farm vehicles, Diesel Tune NZ are able to offer a customised solution for your petrol and diesel engine requirements. Our Ag Dynamometer will come to you anywhere nationwide, it couldnt be easier.

Improved Sound and Performance

manta exhausts

Improve sound and performance

Diesel Tune NZ supply and fit top quality Manta Performance exhaust systems. Manta are a family owned company dedicated to producing premium quality performance exhausts. Their exhaust systems have been rated as the best performance modification to carry out on a range of models. Utilize the advantage of a performance exhaust system and a remap to increase your gains. There is a vast array of vehicles and configurations available.

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